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Dear Friends,

This entry to our website is, without a doubt, the most difficult news to share with you. After going back and forth numerous times and giving this a great deal of thought and discussion with Janet, I feel it would be best to make 2016 my final year of active participation with the Early To Bed Tent. This very painful decision was not easy to make and one I have been thinking about for the past several years. During that time, I chose to ignore these thoughts because our tent and everyone in it has been such an important part of Janet’s and my life. I really do love our group, however now with my ongoing health issues, the preparation and following through for each meeting is becoming more and more difficult. The labor involved to keep our tent functioning the way I would like has been taking its toll on me. What I used to be able to accomplish in 3 days (the day before, the day of the meeting and the day after) is now taking more than 7 days to do. I have tried taking some shortcuts to make things easier, but now even those are not helping as I am both very physically and emotionally exhausted after our meetings. Additionally, we have lost several of our volunteers along the way due to health concerns or moving out of the area. Others have full-time jobs or travel long distances and can no longer make it to our meetings. Sadly, we have no “next generation” to continue doing the work for our tent.  

Lastly, Janet and I have also been actively looking at retirement locations, some of them are outside of California which would be more financially affordable for us. This, along with the the other reasons mentioned, is what caused me to come to this difficult resolution. I have made a commitment to continue our tent through 2016 and will honor that promise, however at that point I will be unable to continue into 2017.

I hope you understand my reasons for coming to this conclusion and will accept my gratitude to each of you for making our tent a positive chapter in our lives during these past 14 years. It is an experience that I will always remember.

All the best,